Our Products

SBM believe that a good company must be reflected from the good services and extensive range of products it provides. We supply our customers with top of the line services anytime they are requested on site to ensure safety, efficiency and reliability in electrical installation, systems and control solutions in various industries. With years of experience in the field and well trained technicians and engineers, we can assure our respected customers that what we offer only the best solutions with lower cost.

Cable Support Selection

To arrive at a suitable design for a Cable Support System there are a few design parameters to consider. Both for Cable Tray and Ladder these are similar, however, the Cable Ladder requirements are generally more demanding than cable tray where the ladders support the main cable route for primary power cables.

Cable Ladder

Cable weight that is to be supported over a required span. This determines the side rail height of the support profile which also has to have sufficient internal cable laying depth to take the total height of the cable. Generally the load will not protrude past the top of the ladder side rail.

Cable Tray

Generally SBM Cable Tray Systems have a rolled safety edge on the top of the side rail to avoid any damage to cables that are routed out of the tray. The Ladder Tray has slots for cables to drop through the formed channel.